Our Recent Project- Help Mould Me

Help Mould Me is a social group formed by a group of young men and women envisioned to assist the less privileged in  society to reach their potential. Formed on the 21st October 2017, it formation was championed by Doreen Mould (a member) whose motivation stems from past experiences as a less privilege child when.

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Important Steps for Planning Your Web Design

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Designing a website without a plan is similar to designing an automobile without an engine. Poor planning is a disaster waiting to happen for all web design companies, and by the time remedial efforts are put in place, it’s too late! Why do website designs fail? There are.

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Amymends Fashion

Amymends is a Ghanaian Fashion company that deal in tailor-made dresses for men and women of all ages. Tonem Multitech developed an online shop as part of their digital marketing strategy for their vision in the years ahead. Their online shop is responsive and could be accessed on any mobile device easily without any stress. Tonem Multitech are.

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Youth Initiative For Africa Development (YIFAD)

Youth Initiative For Africa Development is an NGO that seeks to impact life in the average African Youth. Tonem Multitech designed a professional website that meets their need. We worked in conjunction with their founder to ensure that we met their specifications. These were the key features they they looking for: a. A website that.

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Why your local business needs a website

The world has been changing since creation. In previous centuries, the change has been very slow and adaptability to change by various businesses took a while. In the 21st Century we can’t say such. In the history of the world, change has become so fast and most businesses are really finding it difficult to meet.

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