What Future Awaits Website Design?

What Future Awaits Website Design?
July 11, 2020 By tonemmultitech Blog

My name is Malcolm Carl Bruce. I am an IT specialist, a web designer, and an online marketing consultant. Having worked with Tonem Multitech for over 7years, I am excited to share with marketers, the experiences and insights I have gained on what is likely to be the future of website design.

Do you as a marketer, see how technology evolves so fast almost at every turn? And how more and more people spend a considerable amount of time on the internet? With the introduction of smartphones even widening this scope? What does this tell you as a marketer?

In just about some time to come, which could be any moment away from now, the website is likely to take on what I term as “experiential series of outcomes”.

Below are how I see the future of website design that as a marketer you should know:

  • The preference for mobile devices will be an essential requirement for accessing information of products and other services online.
  • The userbase of the website will be exponentially expanded. Getting in touch with users directly with be much more easy.
  • The perspective of usability is going to be remoulded into a user-centric one such that experience will be  distilled to prioritize the needs of users.
  • The creation of a digitally diversified business services would command a very high competition among businesses of all types.
  • The owners of websites will feature a completely innovative tech-savvy to provide personalize site for their users.




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